Full Vehicle Diagnostics & Repairs on all Makes and Models

Car Diagnostics

Car Diagnostics

K Services offer all Makes & Models Diagnostics & repair service. Using the latest equipment we safely read your cars ECU to help fault find your vehicle.

Once we know what errors and faults your car has logged in its ecu, we can provide a quote for repair, and fix your car for you if needed.

Compare our prices to those of main dealers to realise the savings you can meake on your car servicing!

If your car needs servicing then contact us now for a very competitive quote for your service. From simple oil changes to major annual services we will service your vehicle using OE specification parts to your vehicles main dealer service schedule.

This will maintain your vehicle warranty and help ensure your car runs as smoothly as the manufacturer intended. When it comes to selling your car having a comprehensive, full service history will help you to achieve the maximum price for your vehicle.

In some cases our service prices, for exactly the same work, have shown to be up to 60% cheaper than booking your car in with your local main dealer!

All our vehicle mechanics are vastly experienced and have even come from main dealer workshop environments so you really are getting the knowledge without the inflated main dealer servicing costs.

When does my car need servicing?

There is no definitive answer to the above question as every car manufacturer now has slightly different servicing demands and schedules.

For older vehicles it is usual to find that an annual service is required based on 12,000 miles a year travel. For cars doing higher mileage servicing could be required every 12,000 miles. For low mileage vehicles you may be able to get away with an interim service as opposed to a full annual service but again this depends on your make and model and manufacturers recommended service schedule.

Mobile Vehicle Repairs

Trust your car servicing & repairs to us!

K Services offer a mobile vehicle repair service from our Southampton base.

Volkswagen Mobile Vehicle Repair

Volkswagen Mobile Vehicle Repair

From servicing to repair, we can get your VW back to its best with our mobile mechanic repair service!

Why pay more for Volkswagen main dealer servicing of your VW when you can get main dealer servicing at a fraction of the cost.

Whatever your car repair need we are confident we can do it for you and more importantly do the repair to the exact same high standards a main dealer would saving you money in the process.

Mobile Mechanics covering all Hampshire including Portsmouth, Fareham, Gosport, Whitely, Southampton, Botley, Hedge End, Eastleigh & Romsey.

As mobile mechanics we are able to get to your car no matter where you are, you don’t have the worry of how will I get my car to a garage when the garage comes to your car!

We do also have access to full garage facilities, so with prior arrangement we can repair your car at our garage location.

MOT Testing

Call now to book your MOT

K Services can arrange for MOT Testing at an Authorised MOT Test Station

Approved MOT Testing Station

All vehicle Class IV, V & VII MOT Testing

We can carry out Class 4, 5 and 7 MOT Tests which covers a range of cars and commercial vehicles.

Class 4

Cars (up to 8 passenger seats)
Motor caravans
Dual purpose vehicles
Private hire and public service vehicles (up to 8 seats)
Ambulances and taxis
Private passenger vehicles and ambulances (9-12 passenger seats)

Class 4a (includes seat belt installation check)

Class 5 (with more than 13 passenger seats)

Private passenger vehicles and ambulances – 13-16 passenger seats
Private passenger vehicles and ambulances – more than 16 passenger seats

Class 5a (includes seat belt installation check)

13-16 passenger seats
More than 16 passenger seats

Class 7

Goods vehicles (over 3,000 kg up to 3,500 kg DGW)

Why does my car need an MOT?

Every car over 3 years old requires an annual MOT test to ensure it’s general road worthiness. A valid MOT certificate will also be required when you attempt to tax your vehicle and for insurance to be valid – these are the department of transport guidelines for the UK.

The MOT test is a serious of basic checks on the various crucial safety systems of your vehicle such as brakes, suspension & tyres. It also includes visual checks for excessive corrosion and of all external lamps and bulbs that need to be working in order for the vehicle to pass.

Depending on the age of your vehicle it may also need to pass minimum vehicle emission tests to be granted a MOT pass.

The goal of the MOT is to check the minimum legal requirements for your vehicle are met at the time of testing and it is not a guarantee of the complete mechanical soundness of a vehicle.

At K Services we are able to not only arrange your MOT test but help ensure any failure items are rectified to result in a successful re-test.

We will alert you to any costs associated in rectifying a MOT failure and will only carry out this work once approved by yourself – you are under no obligation to have us complete the work and are free to have this done anywhere – we are confident in offering you the lowest possible prices though especially when you consider our excellent vehicle repair and mobile mechanic services!

Brake Servicing & Repair

Your life literally depends on your braking system.

All Makes and Model Brake Servicing & Repair mobile repair service in Southampton, Hampshire

Vented Brake Disc and Caliper

Vented Brake Disc and Caliper

Our highly qualified vehicle technicians (also commonly known as mechanics) can help restore your vehicles braking system to its original condition. From simply changing brake pads as part of a regular brake service to caliper repair or re-manufacture to fix an underlying braking issue; K Services are the perfect Southampton mobile mechanic to look after your brakes.

Your life literally depends on your braking system. Ensuring your vehicle is maintained to your manufacturers recommended specification is crucial. When was the last time your brake fluid was changed? Do you have even wear on each sides brake disc or is one side wearing or grooving more than the other?

Moisture and water can build up within your brake fluid affecting performance, especially under very heavy braking. Uneven wear of brake discs can imply brake imbalance, this in turn can cause your vehicle to become unstable under braking – again exacerbated under emergency braking situations!