K Services can service or repair any of your cars suspension system from electronic ESP systems to faulty shock absorbers or damaged springs.

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Car Suspension inspection, repair and replacement services

Suspension Replacement by K Services Mobile Mechanics

Don't put your safety at risk from faulty suspension issues...

Their are various components that make up a cars suspension system but the 2 most common parts to fail are the shock absorbers and springs although other linking parts can also periodically fail. As the car suspension system takes a great deal of daily stress it is only natural that at some point it's performance is going to diminish.

The suspension of a car does more than provide you with a comfortable or sporty drive - it works in conjunction with the braking and steering systems to ensure your vehicle is safe to drive and more importantly performs as you would expect it to as you drive it.

Different manufacturers use vastly different suspension designs but nearly always their goal is to keep the tyres in maximum contact with the road and provide the best possible handling coupled with the most comfortable of rides for the vehicle occupants.

Modern cars also utilise ESP or Electronic Stability Programme's. These are computer based systems that, through the use of various sensors throughout the suspension system, monitor the cars suspension performance and react to extremes outside the normal driving conditions to keep your car safe on the road aiming to prevent skidding or sliding.

Our diagnostic equipment can detect any problems with your cars ESP and we can then quote for any remedial work be it a simple sensor or something more serious.

Vauxhall Vectra Suspension Diagram


It can be surprisingly cheap to replace worn or faulty suspension components but the difference these can make to your cars performance and more importantly your safety can be immense.
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No matter what your cars problem is we are very confident in our ability to diagnose and fix the problem for you at a very competitive price...

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From knocking noises to poor handling, suspension issues can cause a great many problems for todays motorist. K Services are expert vehicle mechanics and we can quickly source the root cause of your cars suspension problems and reapir your car for you once again.


Why Choose K Services Mechanics

  • We are a reliable mobile mechanic and garage service that puts customer satisfaction top of the list each and every time!
  • We are Mazda specialists including all import models such as the Mazda Bongo.
  • With our engine diagnostic equipment we can identify and fix any problem with your vehicle just like your main dealer, just without the high costs!

Client Quotes

picture"Our cars handling became really wallowing especially around corners and K Services quickly diagnosed worn front shock absorbers. They ordered replacements and fitted them that afternoon - much quicker than we were expecting!"

Tracey Ludlow, Chilworth, Southampton