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K Services - Tyres & Exhausts
Provided for all budgets and all makes & models of cars

Exhausts and Tyres by K Services Mobile Mechanics

We can supply and quickly fit exhausts

We can arrange for tyres for any budget with a range of budget, standard, performance and premium tyres from a variety of the worlds leading tyre manufacturers. We can also arrange for full wheel balancing, wheel alignment and valve fitting services.

If your cars exhaust has seen better days or is in need of replacement we can fit part or whole exhaust systmes for any type of vehicle. If you have a faulty exhaust system then please do contact us for a free no obligation quote to replace part or all of your exhaust system.

Here at K Services we can ensure your car has the essential components your vehicle needs to keep it going and also to ensure it is safe at all times - don't forget illegal tyres are an endorsable offence so ensuring your tyres meet the legal minimum of 1.6mm across the central 75% of the tyre is crucial.

Most modern tyres are now fitted with tyre wear indicators that give you a visible sign of when the tyre is wearing down to the legal limit. When asking us to quote for tyres look for the numbers on the side that will look like this 195/55 R16 - these numbers mean the tyre is 195 profile wide, 55 profile high and the tyre diameter is 16 inches.


It can be good practice to always change tyres in pairs as this prevents handling issues from unbalanced tyre's. Depending on amount of wear it can also be advisable in 2 wheel drive cars to rotate the non drive train tyres with the drive train tyres when fitting. Our qualified mechanics can discuss this with you in full to decide on the best options for your needs.
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Our Mobile Garage Repair Services
Highly Competitive Vehicle Servicing for all Makes & Models

Electrical Work

Clutches & Gear Problems.
From new clutches to complete gear box replacements we can resolve all transmission issues.
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Car Repairs

Cam Belts.

Prevent expensive engine repairs or rebuilds by replacing your timing belt when advised...
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Car Suspension ESP Warning

From springs to shock absorbers we can resolve all your suspension problems.
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Car Tyres and Exhausts

Tyres & Exhausts.

We Supply & Fit exhausts for all cars & specifications. We can arrange for new tyres if needed!
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ABS Warning light

Brake Servicing.
From discs and pads to ABS problems, we can service and maintain your car brakes..
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Electric Window Repairs


Automotive electric faults can be difficult to diagnose and repair - leave it to the experts!
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Vehicle Diagnostics

Engine Diagnostics.
With the latest state of the art diagnostic equipment we can quickly learn your cars faults.
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Thumbs Up for our Repairs

We Repair ALL FAULTS!!!

No matter what your cars problem is we are very confident in our ability to diagnose and fix the problem for you at a very competitive price...

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Depending on how long you plan to keep your car it may actually prove more economical to fit a "performance" stainless steel exhaust. Many of these come with lifetime guarantees so once fitted you will never need to worry about your cars exhaust system again - plus you can benefit from improved fuel economy and engine performance!.


Why Choose K Services Mechanics

  • We are a reliable mobile mechanic and garage service that puts customer satisfaction top of the list each and every time!
  • We are Mazda specialists including all import models such as the Mazda Bongo.
  • With our engine diagnostic equipment we can identify and fix any problem with your vehicle just like your main dealer, just without the high costs!

Client Quotes

picture"Our rear silencer literally fell off. We were too embarassed to drive the car with the noise it was making so we called and booked K Services. They turned up with the new silencer and fitted it very quicky for us. Thanks"

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