K Services are experts in vehicle diagnostics. With the latest technology we are able to discover and read any faults logged within your cars ECU.

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Full vehicle diagnostic & ECU reading facilities

Transmission Inspection by K Services

The modern car stores information on it's ECU

Modern fuel injected cars all have an ECU (Electronic Control Unit) that is like the brain of the vehicle controlling all the parameters to keep it running smoothly. When a fault occurs it is registered on the ECU like a memory and vehicle diagnostic technicians are able to plug in to your cars brain and read the stored memories which can alert us to any ongoing or previous faults with your car.

K Services use the very latest electronic testing equipment to safely tap in to your cars ECU and understand exactly what is going on. When we read fault codes we are able to understand exactly what the issue is from a faulty sensor to anything more serious that could pose a safety danger to you.

It is usually a good idea as part of any service to diagnose any previous faults that have been registered on the vehicle as these could alert us early to any problem that may occur in the future.


The first you may be aware of a fault is when the engine management warning light comes on in your dashboard. This means a fault has been registered and stored. If after turning off your cars engine and re-starting the light remains on then you need to immediately take it for diagnostics.

Some cars may enter what is known as a "limp home mode" - this could restrict the rev range to protect your engine from damage and will mean you have limited power so caution must be taken when driving under these conditions.
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Our Mobile Garage Repair Services
Highly Competitive Vehicle Servicing for all Makes & Models

Electrical Work

Clutches & Gear Problems.
From new clutches to complete gear box replacements we can resolve all transmission issues.
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Car Repairs

Cam Belts.

Prevent expensive engine repairs or rebuilds by replacing your timing belt when advised...
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Car Suspension ESP Warning

From springs to shock absorbers we can resolve all your suspension problems.
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Car Tyres and Exhausts

Tyres & Exhausts.

We Supply & Fit exhausts for all cars & specifications. We can arrange for new tyres if needed!
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ABS Warning light

Brake Servicing.
From discs and pads to ABS problems, we can service and maintain your car brakes..
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Electric Window Repairs


Automotive electric faults can be difficult to diagnose and repair - leave it to the experts!
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Vehicle Diagnostics

Engine Diagnostics.
With the latest state of the art diagnostic equipment we can quickly learn your cars faults.
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We Repair ALL FAULTS!!!

No matter what your cars problem is we are very confident in our ability to diagnose and fix the problem for you at a very competitive price...

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Many modern cars car into a "limp" mode to prevent more expensive engine damage when an engine fault is registered. This mode is designed to get you home or to a safe location.

You should always look to get your car looked at as soon as possible if it has gone in to a limp mode. Sometimes by stopping the engine and restarting your car you can reset the ECU and get it out of the limp mode.

If doing this it is important to remember the fault and reason for the car to go into limp mode will remain in the ECU and having this read could highlight an issue with your car and prevent a future expensive bill from ignoring the problem.


Why Choose K Services Mechanics

  • We are a reliable mobile mechanic and garage service that puts customer satisfaction top of the list each and every time!
  • We are Mazda specialists including all import models such as the Mazda Bongo.
  • With our engine diagnostic equipment we can identify and fix any problem with your vehicle just like your main dealer, just without the high costs!

Client Quotes

picture"We couldn't drive our car above 50mph and it wouldn't rev very high with a red warning light on the dashboard. We called K Services who managed to perform a diagnostic check on it and diagnose a faulty catalytic converter sensor. They fitted a new sensor and reset the engine management system and everything has been fine since - we were nicely surprised when it was a relatively cheap fix and we thought the whole car had broken!"

Mr Carba, Fareham